Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Finally in China, Finally have Internet, Finally got around the filters!

So, where do I begin. We are now in Wuhan China in a seedy little apartment across the street from Wuhan University of Science and Technology. We have some very interesting plumbing situations and it is almost unbearably hot. The temperature is 98-100 degrees during the day with about 80% humidity so it feels like 120! When we go outside we practically melt! We had an entire week all alone in Wuhan without any of the other teachers in town so we spent all of last week just wandering around the city on foot. We found a really cool and really really really really big shopping center about 2 miles down the road from us. At the shopping center we saw some awesome signs on the escalators. When we went back today they had changed them to proper english so I am glad I got some photographic evidence before hand! I can't upload the photo right now because China has all blogs blocked and I am going to great lengths to get on the sight and for some reason adding pictures and videos is NOT and option.