Thursday, September 16, 2010

The cutest nieces and nephews ever!

This afternoon I decided to empty a camera card that happened to be VERY full, and in the process I downloaded all of the pictures from the beginning of August when all of McKay's family was in town. We had a really fun, 2 week long, unofficial family reunion. The two weeks were very eventful. We had lobsterfest, my niece Julia's baptism, a girls only tea party and we went to the Children's Museum, Pirate Island and the swimming pool. We also spent a lot of time just hanging out at Sasha's house. (Thanks for letting your entire family take over your house for two weeks Sasha!) I had a whole lot of fun with everyone and It was great to see Marissa and Cecily's families. We miss them when they are back home in Illinois and Massachusetts. I have only known the Young family for 3 1/2 years but I have come to love them just like my own family. It is amazing to me how much I really do love all of them, especially my crazy nieces and nephews.

We took over 700 pictures during those two weeks so I can't possibly post all of them, but I have a ton of them that I would like to put up. So, from here on out there will be a whole lot of ridiculously cute pictures of my nieces and nephews, and a few of us slightly less cute adults.

Thank you for a great two weeks Young family! Marissa and Cecily, We can't wait to see you guys (and your families) again!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Camping 2010

We did not get a chance to go camping at all this summer, so last weekend we decided to get ourselves into the mountains before the temperature drops too low. We were both done with work by 2:00 and were able to get up the mountain and find a campsite before dinner time. We headed up the Nebo Loop and eventually found the perfect camping spot at the end of a very twisty and bumpy dirt road. It was very secluded and we had a view of  Utah valley and Utah lake through the trees. The one drawback to the campsite is that there are cows wandering around the mountain and they left some very lovely cow pies at our campsite. We were able to use some of the dry ones as fuel for our fire, but after the sun went down I ended up stepping in a fresh one. We heard a lot of elk calls as well, but we are not sure if they were hunters or actual elk. We are going to assume that we heard a mixture of both. We had a great time with just the two of us and we are thinking about doing it again next weekend!

These pictures have terrible resolution because we took them using our video camera, but I am posting them anyway!