Monday, April 22, 2013

The Case of the Missing Socks and Hair Bows

I have finally solved the case of the disappearing baby socks and hair bows. I can not even tell how many times I have wondered where in the world all of Madelynn's socks and hair bows keep disappearing to. I feel like I am going crazy every time I do the laundry and find that her stash of socks just keeps dwindling even though I keep buying more. I have also spent a lot of time wondering where hair bows go. I make most of them so I am pretty aware of what she has, and usually make duplicates, so when I could not find a single navy blue bow the other day I was baffled (since she has 3). I don't even want to think about how many times I have asked McKay where in the world Madelynn's hair bow has gone. Of course he usually has no idea. Well today I discovered Madelynn's dirty little secret.

We were already aware of the fact that she does not like to keep her socks or bows on while she sleeps, and will pull usually fall asleep with them on, but pull them off sometime during her nap. However, we usually just find them sitting next to her in the crib. But today I discovered that he has been dropping them behind her crib during nap time. I caught her in the act of shoving her socks between the bars of her crib and pushing them down along the wall, and when I went to retrieve them I found this lovely little stash.
There were over a dozen pairs of socks back there! Along with half a dozen bows. Well now that I know her little secret the jig is up. She wont be able to confuse the heck out of her mommy, and I will no longer need to keep purchasing replacement socks! Aren't babies funny?