Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun on the Farm

Since we moved to the middle of Dairyland we have been having fun taking advantage of all the cute farms around us. We have visited multiple dairy farms, creameries and cheese factories in our area. It has been so much fun.We have had lots of yummy cheese, milk, and ice cream along with tours of how they are made. We have also had lots and lots of cows to see, smell and pet. It seems like every farm we go to has cats as well, and Madelynn always finds one or two cats to chase around. We have also enjoyed hay rides and tractor rides as well as a ride on a cute little pedal tractor. We absolutely love to drive along the winding country roads of Wisconsin. We live in a stunningly beautiful part of the country and all the farms, cows and fabulous dairy are just an added bonus. Hopefully Madelynn retains a hint of a memory of all these fun times.

Madelynn's New Words

Madelynn decided to say a few new words lately. A few weeks ago when the weather was warm I decided to pull out some bubbles. She was completely enamored by them and surprisingly started saying bubbles over and over and over without any prompting.
Then she said a new word yesterday while her daddy was getting her dressed and ready for the day. She decided that it would be a good time to say "Hair Bow". The way she says it is more like "heh bow" and I love it! Hearing her learn to speak is one of my absolute favorite things about her age.  1 1/2 is such a fun age! Anyway, I was able to convince her to say bubbles and  hair bow for the camera, which is really not easy because she is NOT a performer and is quite a stubborn little thing. So enjoy these videos of Madelynn and her new words.