Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Statistical Results

For the research methods class I am taking this semester I had to gather some random data and then perform some basic statistical analysis on that data. I had to get answers from 40 people, so I used the fastest method i new of to gather that data...mass emails on facebook. It worked really well! Thank you everyone who sent me their info! I figured I would share some of the useless statistics and information i gathered from that study.

First off, these were the questions...

1- What year are you in school?
(younger than college, freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, grad, other)
2-Which do you like better?
(Hamburgers, hot dogs, don’t like either, like both the same)
3- What is your age?
4- How many siblings do you have?
5- I was supposed to ask gender as well, but I didn't really have to ask to know

So it turns out that out of the 40 people sampled

-17.5% of people prefer hot dogs (7/40)
-62.5% of people prefer hamburgers (25/40)
-10% don't like either (4/40)
-10% like them both the same (4/40)

-out of the people who prefer hot dogs, only one was a girl. I found that a little funny.

also, the number of siblings ranged from 1 to 14 (way to skew the numbers Kelsi!) with the average being 3.63 siblings.

There were 13 boys and 27 girls who participated. Ages ranged from 16 to 34.
mean- 22.1
(I guess that data is very telling of how old most of the people that I associate with are)

McKay wants to go to bed now, so I guess that is the end of the useless statistics. Well maybe they aren't completely useless because they got me a good grade on the assignment. Thanks again everyone who helped!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Tonight I got to be a judge for Orem High School's Mr. Orem pageant. Because my wonderful sister in law Kira is the student council adviser there she was in charge of getting judges, and when one of her judges canceled she called me! It was so much fun! Some of the guys had hilarious skits. One of them did famous dances that spanned the last 50 years. I could not stop laughing! Then there were a bunch of lame-o jocks who played sports on stage for their talent. Really? I don't want to watch you shoot hoops on stage, especially if you loose the ball and it rolls off stage and into the audience (he didn't get my vote). It was hard deciding who the winners were since all we had to go off of was a group dance number, their skit and one random interview question. One guy was asked what his dream date would be and he said dinner and a movie, because everyone likes to eat and watch movies (I didn't pick him either). Even though it was a bit challenging it was a ton of fun! Thanks for using me as your last minute back up judge Kira!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Triple Date Night!

Tonight McKay and I went on a triple date with my parents and my little sister Stephanie and her boyfriend Allen. It was not meant to be a triple date, it was supposed to be the whole family, but my siblings kept dropping out like flies! Although unexpected, the night was really fun! We decorated some sugar cookies, went and saw confessions of a shopaholic (which was ok, not great, it was hard to like the main character) and then went to a really yummy chinese buffet. Can you believe that there is a really good chinese buffet out there? It has seriously good food that is always kept fresh. It's more expensive than other buffets, but it is sooooooooo good. So back to the date... My sisters boyfriend Allen is a pretty quiet and shy guy, and doesn't like to spend time with our family (my family can be a little intense so i understand that) so it was kind of a miracle that he came. We always invite him to do stuff with us, but he usually declines, so it was really cool to have him there and even cooler to hear him speak a little bit. So what could have been a potentially awkward few hours ended up being really fun and now I kind of want to do double dates with my family more. I don't know if we actually will, but it's a nice thought.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Testing Center Fun

I had a fun little experience at the testing center today. Anyone who has been inside of a college testing center knows that you don't mess around. Testing centers are serious, and seriously quiet. Well I had the lovely opportunity to go and take a test for my research methods class (which i was quite nervous for). For some reason the testing center was really busy and it felt like the hundreds or thousands of desks were even closer than usual. Well as I was part way through my test I realized I had made a stupid mistake and filled in the bubble on the wrong question number! so I took my eraser and rubbed away at. Once I was done I just couldn't leave those ugly eraser bits, you know the ones I'm talking about, the little gray, lead covered rubber bits the eraser leaves behind? I HATE them. So I decided I would try to wipe them off. That didn't work so well because it started smudging my answers. So I figured I would blow those bits off. I took a deep breath and blew out on my paper, but air didn't come out, my gum did! I would have blown really hard if that gum hadn't been there, because the gum bounced twice across and off my desk and landed on the backpack of the person next to me! I was a little embarrassed, and didn't know what to do. I didn't want to just leave it there, but it didn't seem like anyone had noticed. I decided I had better retrieve it, so I reached over and down to get it off of the back pack, when it's owner realized i was headed for his bag, saw the gum, and gave me a disgusted look (it was somewhat deserved, but still... rude). I quickly grabbed the gum and tried to find somewhere to put it, and when I finally had it put away I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit to myself. But then the chuckling lead to full on laughter -which attracted the attention of the testing center proctor who walks up and down the aisles to make sure no one is cheating. She walked past my desk like ten times watching me, trying to figure out what the commotion was about (that made me feel like a criminal or something). So... the moral of the story is, never chew gum when you are taking a test! Or at least think about the fact that you have gum in your mouth and secure it before you try to blow away irritating eraser bits so you won't have to re-live my little mishap.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I want to be somewhere WARM

Right now i am really missing warm weather. I walked to school in the rain and walked home from school in a rain/snow/hail storm. It was really cold!!! I desperately wish I was on a beach some where right now. I don't care which beach or where, but i am feeling very warm weather and beach deprived. Luckily I have pictures and videos of the wonderful warm times I have spent on the beach to help me get through these super cold times.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Two Ships Passing In The Night

Two ships passing in the night, that's what McKay and I are right now. McKay has a job at Sears that requires him to wake up at 4:00 am every morning so that he can be at the store by 5:00 a.m. to open it (he has a 30 minute drive each way). He gets home from work around 10:00, but I have my first class at 9:30. I am done with class at 3:00 everyday, but McKay starts class at 2:00 and goes until 7:00 or 8:00. When he gets home he has just enough time to eat dinner and talk to me for a few minutes before he has to head off to bed by 8:30 or 9:00 if he wants to get a full nights sleep. Because our schedules are so different we don't get to see each other very much on weekdays, and at the moment I am really missing my husband. For some reason my piles of homework are not doing a good enough job keeping my mind off of him. Thank heavens for the weekend! It lets us spend some much needed time together, and it lets McKay catch up on his sleep. He is napping a lot lately, and i mean A LOT! Here is some proof... I catch him sleeping so much that i have a rather large collection of nap time photos.