Friday, February 20, 2009


Tonight I got to be a judge for Orem High School's Mr. Orem pageant. Because my wonderful sister in law Kira is the student council adviser there she was in charge of getting judges, and when one of her judges canceled she called me! It was so much fun! Some of the guys had hilarious skits. One of them did famous dances that spanned the last 50 years. I could not stop laughing! Then there were a bunch of lame-o jocks who played sports on stage for their talent. Really? I don't want to watch you shoot hoops on stage, especially if you loose the ball and it rolls off stage and into the audience (he didn't get my vote). It was hard deciding who the winners were since all we had to go off of was a group dance number, their skit and one random interview question. One guy was asked what his dream date would be and he said dinner and a movie, because everyone likes to eat and watch movies (I didn't pick him either). Even though it was a bit challenging it was a ton of fun! Thanks for using me as your last minute back up judge Kira!

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Kayli said...

Haha, glad it was fun. Did the person win who deserved to win?