Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Second Anniversary

On the 29th McKay and I celebrated our second anniversary. For our first anniversary we went on a weekend getaway to a cute bed and breakfast in Logan, this year we went to Pizza Hut. As we were on our way to dinner we were laughing about how Pizza Hut is our special occasion restaurant here in China. When we get back to the states we might have to spend an occasional birthday or holiday celebration at a Pizza Hut because of its importance in our celebrations here in China. Don't you love/hate little sentimental gestures like that? So our anniversary started out like all of our other special days here in China, we taught classes. McKay wasn't done with classes until about 4:00 so after he got home we hopped a bus down to Guanggu (the huge shopping center) and did a little bit of window shopping. We also had a really cool hairpin that McKay bought me for my birthday fixed at the little shop he bought it from. Then we had a nice long wait to get a table at pizza hut so we did some more window shopping! We saw some ridiculously cool tea sets, but decided that the chance of their making it back to America in one piece was slim to none.

After our very yummy dinner of Hawaiian stuffed crust pizza and pasta with chicken and red pepper sauce, we did more shopping. It was a nice night and everything was still colorful and lit up for Christmas/New years so we decided to enjoy the scenery and walk a couple of blocks down to our favorite little DVD store to see if they happened to have Arrested Development. We have just recently come across arrested development on Hulu. We watched the first 7 episodes online and were hooked. We were very happy to find that the store had all 3 seasons of arrested development. We ended up spending 100 yuan on movies because we came across a number of good television series for cheap! One that we bought is a National Geographic video collection. It has over 50 different shows/episodes smashed onto 4 discs. They are really good at putting a lot of video on a small amount of disc. Sometimes that means you don't always get great movie quality, but it gives you a great price! So with the shopping and the Eating and the watching of Arrested Development, we realized that even though our Anniversary was not anything super romantic and special, we were both very glad to have each other and that we have become each others best friends! That is a little cheesy, I know, but it is true. If we didn't have each others love, support and friendship to rely on we would both have  gone absolutely crazy after our first month here in China. So McKay (because I know you will read this eventually), Happy anniversary! These last 2 years have been wonderful, and I look forward to many, many more wonderful years with you! And thank you for being my friend and keeping me sane with multiple games of Phase 10, Uno, and chess, as well as cold walks and late night chats. I love you tons! 我爱你

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Kayli said...

Happy Anniversary! Pizza Hut, haha! I'm glad you two had a great night.