Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Missing Students

The semester here at Wuhan University of Science and Engineering ends on January 29th, but we have been done teaching classes since the beginning of January. It has been about 3 weeks without teaching now and I am finding that I miss some of my students. The students who tried hard in class and who really wanted to improve their English are what made our move to China worth it. There were a few students who went the extra mile and tried desperately to be our friends outside of class. I am finding, and I am sure McKay is too, that I miss some of their happy faces and their broken English. Hopefully we can stay in touch with some of them over time through email. So this post is a shout out to Day, Alice, Yolanda, Stefanie, Candy, Miracle, Sharen, Amy, Carina, Molly, Rocey, Disrose, Roman, Moor and Jack Yang. You guys are the coolest and made my experience in china totally worth it.

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Kayli said...

It'll be hard to leave them, but I miss you more than you'll miss them, so come home! :)