Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of Julyish

We spent the 4th of July pretty split up between our two families. Saturday was devoted to the Rogers and Sunday was devoted to the Young's. It was pretty nice to be able to have an entire day dedicated to just one side of the family rather than driving back and forth between them in the same day. Saturday we woke up early and went to Provo to see the hot air balloons. We went down with my mom and met up with Kayli, Heather and  Doug. It was nice to have company because we had to wait forever to see a few of the balloons take off. Only 3 or 4 took off and then they cancelled the whole thing. On Saturday afternoon we had a BBQ at my parents house and then played some games and had a Boccce Ball tournament which me and McKay won! Then some of us headed down to Provo again to go to the Freedom Festival stuff going on downtown. We had fun shopping and saw a ton of cute jewelry. That night my family went to the Stadium of Fire, so we ended up doing our own thing. We debated between going down to Provo again that night to watch the fireworks there, or go to Pleasant Grove and watch their smaller, but more convenient fireworks display. Pleasant Grove won out so we watched fireworks at Grovecrest Elementary school were it only took us 5 extra minutes to get home due to traffic.

On Sunday after church we made our way to McKay's sister Sasha's house where we celebrated the Fourth of July and our twin nieces' 7th birthday. It was a ton of fun. There were lots of people at Sasha's house like always so there was a lot to keep us entertained. We had lots of good food an birthday cake and we got to have some fun with a piñata and a lot of fireworks (most legal, some not so legal). We also had some fun playing with Sasha's dog. the boys would set off smoke bombs or little flashing fireworks in the backyard and her dog would chase them down and try to attack them. It was kind of sad to watch the dog try to stick his face in the little fireworks, but it was hilarious to watch him try to attack the smoke coming from the smoke bombs.

On Monday we headed back down to Provo again to watch the grand parade with my extended family because my uncle Boyd is crazy  and brings his RV to camp out before the parade every year, so we always have really good seats right near the beginning of the parade route. After the parade we went back to my parents for lunch and to start babysitting my little sister. My parents left on a trip to California that afternoon so I got to babysit. So with Jessica in tow we went to Utah lake were we played in the water for a little while and then sat on the beach area for about an hour while we watched McKay play with his snorkeling gear. That night we were naughty and went up on my parents roof with my sisters and threw poppers and a couple of fireworks off the roof. It was pretty awesome. I think I will want to do that every year from now on. All in all it was a good weekend, but I am pretty much sick of fireworks now so I am glad they are over for a while.

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Kayli said...

Yay a new post! It was fun! I'm glad we got to see you guys.