Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We decided we should do stuff....

McKay and I decided we want to do more fun things with our time. We always have things we say we want to do, but unless we actually sit down and plan it out they never happen. So that is what we are doing now, we are planning things out. We made an extremely awesome personalized calendar on Costco.com and when we got it in the mail we sat down and had a major planning meeting. We sat down for like 2 hours and wrote down the things we wanted to do or see and tried to find times in the next few months that we could do them. Now our calendar is filled with things to do with our free time. We have already done a few things on our calendar list, and  they have been really fun.

First, we took a day and went down to the BYU Museum of Art and the Bean Life Science Museum. We have both been there before, but the last time either of us had been to them was before we graduated, and that is over a year and a half ago! It was really fun to see both museums with fresh eyes. It made for a nice day out.

Us with a nicely stuffed Black Bear.

I know I look way tired in this picture, ignore that.

Second, on Saturday we headed back down to BYU to watch the Gymnastics meet. It was sooooo much fun! When I was a little girl my family had season tickets to SUU's Gymnastics, so being there on saturday brought back happy memories, especially because BYU was competing against SUU (along with Utah State and Iowa State). We had awesome seats and I am so glad we shelled out the $10 to go. It was well worth it. Those Gymnasts are amazing. Since McKay and I are both failed Gymnasts so we could really appreciate their skill (Our bodies just aren't built for gymnastics, we are too tall and way too bottom heavy. Luckily I found this out much earlier in life than McKay did.)

SUU and BYU 

Third, we went out for a nice long walk near Utah lake. It was a beautiful day. It was cold of course, but it was sunny and we discovered a new path along the river that was absolutely stunning. We will be returning frequently as the weather warms up. One of the coolest things we saw on our walk was a broken water valve that was spewing water and had frozen on all the trees and bushes around it. It looked really cool. If it was warmer I would have wanted to play in it. Who am I kidding, I wanted to play in it, but my better judgement told me NO!

Fourth, we had some of our new favorite people over for dessert on Sunday night. Since moving into this new ward last summer the Geetings have wormed their way into our hearts. It was really fun to have them over and to have a reason to bake a tasty treat. I have felt sugar deprived during these last few weeks of dieting.
It is always fun when one of the geetings little boys are around, and Sunday was no exception. Audrey, thank you for letting me feed you and your family. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Last night we got to go up to Salt Lake with my family and have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my baby sisters 14th birthday. She is getting SO BIG! I love being with my family, even though my sisters tend to invite major drama with them wherever they go. Happy Birthday Jessica. I love you to pieces.

The Rogers Family
The super cool zebra cake I made Jessica

That is all for now. McKay is working 20-25 hours of overtime each week so we only get to do fun things on the weekends.


Kayli said...

That's so great you're trying to do more fun things together!! Enjoy your time alone while you can. :)

Audrey said...

Careful letting us Geetings "worm" into your lives. We send out spors that affect the rest of your lives.

But seriously....Thank You for inviting us over!!!! The kids absolutely A.D.O.R.E. you two. (As do I.)

jennsdaisypatch said...

that is so awesome!!! you guys are a cute couple!

Steve said...

Does McKay have a webpage of his photos?