Tuesday, August 16, 2011

July 2011

The month of July was very eventful for us. We celebrated the fourth of July with the traditional Provo early morning hot air balloons and then the stadium of fire. We also celebrated a bunch of family birthdays. My brother had his 18th birthday, our twin nieces had their 8th birthday, our nephew had his 5th birthday, and McKay's mom had a birthday in which she turned older. McKay's sisters came out to visit from Colorado and Illinois over the weekend that our twin nieces were baptized, so we got to spend a lot of time with the Young's.
Me and Jonathan on his 18th birthday

McKay's sister Cecily's family (we had just introduced them to Angry Birds)

I was lucky enough to go spend a day in Cedar City with my extended family and attend the Shakespearean festival and my cousin Rebecca's bridal shower. It was only one day, but it was a busy, family filled day.

The Miner Family in front of SUU

We were also lucky enough to have some of my old college roommates over for dinner and games before Keri moves to Indiana for grad school. We had fun eating, playing some intense games of pit and clue, and holding baby Adelle.

Mary, Keri and Me
Mary holding baby Adelle

During the month of July our baby also got bigger and in turn I got a little fatter. I had to take the yucky glucose test and get tested for anemia. Luckily the month of July also brought us the results that I do not have gestational diabetes or an iron deficiency (yet). The end of the month also found me starting to get a little bit nervous as i realized that our baby would be here in less than 3 months! 3 months seemed like a long ways away until just recently. We also bought a crib and got it set up so that I could feel like we actually had a place to bring baby home to.
25 weeks!
McKay finishing up the crib

July went by really fast, but we had a lot of fun.

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Jenn and Joe Ellis said...

You look so cute! Yay! Congrats on the crib and way to be on the ball for getting it up so early! I don't think we set it up with Clara until I was 36 weeks!