Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Madelynn's Blessing

On February 12th we were able to bless Madelynn in our ward. It was a really special day. Luckily Madelynn was very well behaved during her blessing and didn't cry. She also looked super cute in a blessing dress that her Grandma Nicci made  for her. McKay gave her a beautiful blessing even though he spoke a little too fast for me to rite it down. After the blessing and sacrament meeting were over everyone went up to my parents house in pleasant grove where I made tons of food for lunch. It was so neat to spend the day surrounded by friends and family. Thank you to everyone who came and shared that special day with us.

 Madelynn with the beautiful Madame Alexander doll that her Grandma Heather gave her.

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Heather R. said...

This was a special day. What a beautiful little girl Madelynn is! I love her sweet, strong spirit.