Saturday, May 19, 2012

Funny Funny Bracelet!

Last night we had our good friend Kaimii over for dinner, dessert and games and she brought an amazing new toy for Madelynn. Her bracelet. It was a big gold bangle that she lovingly refers to as the Nephi bracelet. While Kaimii was holding her, Madelynn really wanted her bracelet and played with it on her wrist a little before Kaimii upped the ante and took it off. I love that we never know what is going to make Madelynn giggle. She is so unpredictable that way, so we had no idea that when Kaimii started spinning her bracelet that Madelynn would find it so funny. After a few minutes of making her laugh we finally had the good sense to go get the camera to catch it on video. So here is the super cute video of Madelynn laughing at a spinning bracelet. Notice that it's not funny until it is done spinning...

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