Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Madelynn the Unicorn!

I have to admit something. I have a problem. It is a fairly serious problem too. I  LOVE LITTLE GIRL CLOTHES! This unicorn costume was one of the things that my mother and I picked up when I was pregnant with our baby that never came to be, this and a lion costume. When you find out you are pregnant on Halloween you can't help but stock up on baby sized clearance costumes the next day right? Well that is what I did. It is so funny to me that Madelynn ended up being born exactly 1 year after I found out I was pregnant for the first time. Well our lucky little Halloween baby has more costumes than she will know what to do with. We have multiple Halloween costumes for her so I felt it was safe to break out one of them a little early this year. So the other day Madelynn became a UNICORN! My little sister had one of these costumes when I was in high school and somewhere I have a picture of one of my friends trying to wear it.... I can't find it, but I know it exists somewhere. So when I found this Unicorn costume it had to come home with me, and now almost a year later it had to be the first costume to come out of the box and be put on a cute baby.

Madelynn was not a huge fan of the costume. She was fine if she was sitting or standing, but if she had to crawl anywhere the giant horse face on top of her head made things a bit difficult and she would grunt and growl at me while she tried to crawl. I should have caught it on video because it was hilarious. I may have to put her back in it just so I can catch a video of her unicorn crawl. It was seriously so funny I couldn't stop laughing while I was watching her. 

 She eventually made her way to a mirror and fell in love with her reflection. She played with herself and admired herself for over 15 minutes, which is a whole heck of a long time when it comes to baby attention spans!


Then she decided it was time to tackle and crawl on mommy. 

I eventually let her get out of the costume because even though she looked super cute, she was starting to get a bit toasty. That costume is warm! I would totally trust it to keep her warm outside while trick-or-treating (which we haven't decided if we are going to have her do that or not). Once the unicorn head came off it left her with some crazy "stand up comedy hair" as my little brother would have called it. I tried to comb it down and then tried wetting it down, nothing worked. She had that stand up comedy hair until after her next bath.

Look at that crazy hair!

Well there you have it. Madelynn the Unicorn. I am sure we will be doing this again soon. The question is,will she be a unicorn again? Or will we break out the Lion or Elephant costumes? hmmmmm.

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Keri D said...

The pictures were enough to make me laugh; I can imagine that a video would have me rolling on the floor! <3 Adelle is a ladybug girl and when she wears her wings it just melts my heart!