Monday, November 4, 2013

McKay Turned 30!

October is birthday month in our house and we started off with McKay's 30th birthday. I felt like turning 30 is a big deal and kept proposing different ways that we could celebrate, like having people over for dinner and then birthday cake, having people come over for a game night, just having a couple of McKay's guy friends over for an old school video game night.... he shot them all down pretty quickly. Anyone who knows McKay knows that he would much rather avoid social interactions, especially social interactions with large groups of people, so we had a low key family birthday. We started out by going over to the school and having lunch with McKay on campus during his lunch break. It was really cold, but Madelynn loved cuddling up inside daddy's jacket while we walked to lunch. That evening we went to our favorite Indian restaurant for dinner then came home and had cake and presents and skyped with his family and talked on the phone with mine. My dad had a fun time teasing him about becoming an old man, I think his sisters might have a little bit too. It was the perfect small family celebration. Happy Birthday McKay you old man! We love you!

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