Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our little Snow Princess

Living in Wisconsin we have come to expect snow, and lots of it. However, I did not expect my barely 2 year old to absolutely LOVE the snow. She would play in the snow until she became frostbitten and came down with hypothermia if we let her. I admittedly don't let her go play outside as much as she wants because braving the wind and single degree weather when the only snow gear I can fit is my gloves and boots (thank you 6 month pregnant belly) does not sound fun. She especially loves when daddy is home and will play with her because he does fit his snow clothes and will play with her outside for much longer than I will. She seriously loves that cold, white stuff. Here are some pictures we took of her playing in the snow. The first set of pictures was when we had our first snow of the year and she was rediscovering snow for the first time that she remembers. I loved watching her explore and be so excited and in awe of it. Watching kids learn and explore new things is the best ever!

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