Friday, March 27, 2009

Wuhan Here We Come!

So it's official. We are moving to Wuhan China in August. CRAZY! McKay was offered a job teaching at the university last week. Right after he got the job McKay put in an application for me to work there as well. On Monday they offered me a job teaching English at the university as well. We sent them an acceptance letter on Tuesday so it is official. It has all come together in less than a week!So fast and so easy! I guess it must be fate. We have to be checked into our apartment by August 24th so we will be leaving sometime before that. We will be teaching for two semesters with a 3 week break in between that we will use to travel around China (I'm really excited about that part). We don't know when we are coming home for sure yet, but we know it will be the end of may or beginning of June sometime. Hopefully there will be lots of adventures to report while we are there. AHHHHH!!!! I am moving to CHINA! I am so excited and so nervous! Wuhan here we come!

Here are a few pictures of the university and the city.


Kayli said...

I'm so sad you're leaving. :( But China will love you!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness! That's insane! What an experience of a lifetime. Keep us posted as you get more information about what you'll be doing and such. Wow! I'm excited for you guys!

Kyle and Shallan said...

please bring a little Chinese baby back with you!!!!! you can keep him, or we will adopt him ;-)