Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Busy Busy Lives

So, we are back from florida, and i have to say it was absolutely fantastic! We got too see almost every member of the Rogers family while we were out there, we were only missing one uncle. We got to go to the beach every single day that we were there and the beaches were heavenly! We found all kinds of wildlife and McKay go to swim with the dolphin's! We saw dolphins a number of times and McKay caught some action shots of the dolphins catching some fish while we were boating one of the days. We also got to ride around in a golf cart, eat a ginormous brunch at the country club, play around in the pool and play lots of card games with our family. We also got to watch a very entertaining little play that my younger cousins put on.

There is always a little bit of drama when the whole family comes together (like some fighting cousins and grandpa telling his grand kids there was no way they were going to make it to college, Yikes!) but it was really nice despite the drama. It is always nice when my grandparents open up thier home to us, they opened it up so much that they didn't have room to stay in their own home! I was so happy that McKay was able to come with us, because i think he may have had more fun than i did!

When we got back from Florida we had to cram in studying and finals because we were gone for the last days of classes and our reading days. Our finals didn't quite go as well as we had hoped, but it's okay because at least they are over! And lucky McKay is done with finals for a very long time because he graduated on Thursday/Friday!

McKay's graduation was so much fun (kind of). We got to pack into the Marriott center with the 6,700+ graduates and all their friends and families on Thursday for commencement (we could not find McKay in the 6,700+ sea of blue caps and gowns). After commencement we went out to dinner at an Indian Buffet that we absolutely love and then we went to his parents house and played a few rounds of Bang! Then on Friday the whole family went to McKay's convocation which was also in the Marriott center. I had all of our fancy camera equipment and was able to get a couple of fun shots of McKay even though he happened to be sitting on the opposite side of the building. After that we had a big family BBQ and played some more Bang. I think every one had a good time and McKay was able to have a memorable graduation.

We then had Sunday to just relax, go to church and play games. But during all of this we have been packing to move. Our apartment is a complete disaster area! About 3/4 of our belongings are boxed up and piled in our living room where our sofa's and TV used to be. We were able to get rid of our 60 inch big screen television on Saturday and sold it for $30. Isn't that a steal! I have to finish packing everything up this after noon and then tonight we will hopefully have people come over to help us move all of the boxes to our nice big new apartment after we get the keys tonight. I am so excited and overwhelmed with everything that has been going on, especially since i started classes again this morning. If anyone wants to help us move things or help me scrub down walls please please PLEASE feel free to come over and help me. I will be doing moving things for the next 3 days! Ahhhh!


Kayli said...

I'm glad Florida was home. What'd you bring me? ;) Jk!

Congratulations on graduating, McKay!

Cecily said...

We're so glad you stopped off in Atlanta on the way home. Thanks for seeing us!