Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Super Husband

Our nephew Benjamin just had his 5th birthday. He really loves spider man and so his mom decided that spider man should come to his birthday party. Well McKay is the only male in the Young family who could even remotely pull off spider man, so he was assigned the task of becoming spider man. When he showed up to the party all of the little kids screamed!!!! They loved it! (well one little girl was afraid of him so i guess she probably didn't love it.) Some of the little girls had a little crush on spiderman and stayed really close the whole time. They followed him around and asked him questions about why spiderman did this or that and then they did their best spiderman poses and played some games. It was so cute and entertaining to watch. McKay was a little embarrased the whole time but I got quite a kick out of watching my super husband.


Kayli said...

Hahaha! That would be such a fun party as a kid. I love the squatting picture.

Heather said...

Those pictures are hilarious! How fun!

Kyle and Shallan said...

That's fun! Kyle's step-brother did that exact same thing about a year ago for his nephew's birthday, and it was so cute!!!