Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday McKay!

(that means happy birthday in Chinese)

McKay turned 26 today. I tried to make it a really fun day, but my plans were hampered a little bit by the fact that we are in China and a lot of the things i wanted were absolutely unavailable to me. Luckily the day went pretty well. The first half of the day was just like any other because we both had to teach classes and then had a pointless staff meeting in the afternoon. Then the plumber came at about 3:30 to finish up the last work on our bathroom, so Happy Birthday McKay! You can use your toilet again! We can't use the shower until tomorrow but that is ok.

After a quick dinner on the back street we picked up McKay's birthday cakes (he had 2 because the first one we ordered was really tiny and we realized it wouldn't feed everyone coming to his makeshift party). Then we went over to the school and had his birthday party/english lab in a classroom that has pretty much been designated for McKay's use. The school even gave him the keys to the room! Most of the other foreign teachers showed up to get a piece of cake, because who can pass up free cake? Just a minute or two after the teachers left McKay's little posse of admirers showed up.

McKay has a little group of female students who like him, and I mean LIKE him. He doesn't seem to think so as much, or he tries not to think about it, but they totally like him! One of his students said "I love you" as she walked out of the classroom the other day. Isn't that funny! Another one of his students turned in their assignments in a Card type thing (I'm not exactly sure what it was) but it said, "I LOVE YOU, you provide my best friend you provide me with joy and love..." Isn't that great! McKay's students "LOVE" him. I find the whole thing pretty entertaining and really fun to tease McKay about.

When we got home I gave McKay a chess set for his birthday. For those of you who don't know us we are a tad bit nerdy, and McKay absolutely loves to play chess. I have only beat him once or twice, which makes him love it even more. So part of the present was that not only would he have a chess set, but i would play it with him, and inevitably let him beat me. We played 3 games of chess right then. I lost all three times. So everything included I think he had a good birthday. I sure hope he did! I Love you McKay! Even more than your students!

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Kayli said...

Haha! The girls loving McKay reminds me of Indiana Jones. So funny!