Friday, October 23, 2009

Chinese Fashion Show

On Thursday night McKay and I had an amazing opportunity. We were invited to a fashion show. Our university has a large and fairly reputable fashion and textiles program and in honor of some foreign guests here for a convention dealing with foreign trade and business, they put on a fashion show. Because we are foreigners we were invited to attend. Sadly, the person who runs the office that informed us of the event is not very reliable so we were told the wrong location. Even though we started out in the wrong place we eventually found where the show was (thank you Chanton and Katrina!) and were only a few minutes late. I thought the fashion show was amazing. The clothing was very unique. There were some really bizarre things, but also a few items that i would wear if they were tweaked a little. None of the Male foreign teachers seemed to get much enjoyment out of the fashion show, but i was riveted. My only regret is that I did not bring our professional camera with us, so all we had at this amazing show was my point and shoot camera. Here are some photos and videos of the show....


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Kayli said...

That'd be so cool to watch!