Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grandma's Feather Bed

McKay and I went out to dinner tonight after we picked up my birthday cake from Mr. Mai's. While we were waiting for my noodle dish (it was supposed to be fettuccine carbonara, but it turned out to be noodles with scrambled eggs) I heard a familiar song playing quietly. I couldn't really pick out the words at first but recognized that I knew it because I was humming along. Then the words to the song hit me. It was John Denver's song Grandma's Feather Bed! That was one of the songs we would listen to with my dad when I was a little kid and it was comforting to hear a familiar song in the middle of china (other than an Avril Lavigne song). Hearing the song made me feel all warm and happy inside. I love that little sentimental things like a familiar song can make you feel at home, even when you are on the opposite side of the world.

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Kayli said...

I love that too...even though I'm only 20 minutes away, not across the world. My dad had us listen to lots of songs, but he used to sing me to sleep with one song, and that's the song I'll forever associate with home. :)