Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sick . . . at the same time

I caught some kind of a bug on Halloween. I am not sure what, but it has continually gotten worse over the last week. Being sick was fine when i didn't have to teach because McKay is a really good husband and took care of me completely. He would fetch me whatever I needed and helped me feel better. Well, McKay caught the bug too about 2 days ago. Having both of us sick at the same time is bad news! Usually one of us takes care of the other when they are sick, but now we are both just lounging around the apartment in our matching blue sweatpants and BYU hoodies, watching season 4 of Monk and coughing our guts out. We would probably be a pretty pathetic sight right now, it is a good thing we are really cut off from the world right now because we can wallow in our misery in peace. Lets hope this bug passes through quickly!


Kayli said...

Oh no! EVERYONE is sick in Utah. It's miserable. I'm staying strong though! Get better, you two!

Heather said...

Feel better! I was in that position a couple weeks ago. It's not fun, but at least you two are together!