Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

We were able to start our Halloween festivities a little early. On the 23rd we had a birthday/Halloween party at our house and had a ton of fun. I made way too much food, and we ate the leftovers for the next few days!
How cute are these pumpkin cupcakes?! This is my new favorite cupcake recipe!

On the 28th McKay's work threw a Halloween party for the families of their employees. It was geared towards kids, and since we don't have any kids we borrowed two of our nieces for the afternoon. We had a fun time watching them play all of the games and get their faces painted. I laughed pretty hard when one of my nieces to the person doing the painting that she wanted to be a dead cinderella. The face painter tried to talk her into a pretty butterfly on her face, like her sister had, but it didn't work. So she got scars and blood and a skull painted on her face. You could tell the lady doing the painting was a little uncomfortable, but she obliged a very stubborn little girl (who absolutely LOVED her face paint by the way).

On the 29th I had my school Halloween party. All I can say is my preschool kids are soooooo adorable and I had a blast with them.

Luckily my mom also teaches at the same school I do, and my sister goes to school there, so we all got to hang out together for a little bit during the school costume parade.

On the 30th I delivered a wedding cake to Springville that I have been working on FOREVER, and then we went' to a family party at McKay's mom's house. We ended up getting there about 2 hours early, but we had some good time to visit with My mother in Law and McKay's aunt Ilse. After pumpkin carving, home made donuts and hot dog soup we headed to our house briefly to be there for trick-or-treaters. It was raining so hard that we didn't have to many people come by. Then we headed down to Heather and Doug's apartment in Provo. We had such a fun time at there house. Lots of good food and people. At the end of the party we were playing apple to apples and I was so tired that everything was funny and I had a minute or two where I seriously could not stop laughing. For some reason cabbage was hilarious.  We went dressed up as a cowboy and an Indian. Costumes are awesome. I wish we could wear costumes every weekend. 

On Sunday we had a few stragglers come trick-or-treating. Luckily we had plenty of candy left over to oblige them. All in all it was a great Halloween!


Kayli said...

You CAN dress up every weekend!

What was Stephanie's costume supposed to be?

Love your preschool kids!!

Lindsay said...

that is actually Jessica. How crazy is that? She was some robot dog thing.

Kayli said...

Oh my gosh. No, I knew that was Jessica but I don't know why I accidentally said Stephanie! I can tell them apart, I promise!