Monday, November 1, 2010

McKay's Birthday

On October 21st McKay celebrated his 27th birthday. He just barely started a new job at Fidelity and had training all day, but we were able to celebrate during his lunch brake and after work. When he came home for lunch I had pizza from Pizza Hut ready and waiting for him, that has been a tradition for us since China last year.  When he was done with work he opened presents and then we wen't to Macy's and bought pumpkins. Then we carved our pumpkins as we watched season 4 of Fraggle Rock (one of his birthday presents). Our pumpkins turned out pretty cool, and this is the first time we have had jack-o-lanterns at our house for Halloween!

After we finished our pumpkins we had birthday cake. It was  really weird singing Happy Birthday to McKay as a solo, but I just had to sing it. For his birthday he requested a green funfetti cake with tons of sprinkles, and I delivered. He blew out one giant candle and then we ate cake!

Happy Birthday McKay, you are the coolest guy I know! I love you!

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Kayli said...

Yay! Happy late birthday, McKay!