Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 week appointment and "single" parenting

Madelynn just had her two week appointment, and I just had my first outing with a baby and no husband to help.  I think I was spoiled having McKay home for 2 weeks of paternity leave. Now that he is gone, everything is harder! Even just getting her into her car seat and out to the car is more difficult with only one pair of hands. McKay, I miss you. I am glad you are out there being a great provider, but gosh dang it, I need your extra pair of hands so I can lock the front door behind me when I leave the house!

So Madelynn was a stinker at her appointment with the pediatrician. She screamed basically the whole time. I was amazed at how hard it was just to fill out the new patient forms while trying, without success, to make her stop crying. She cried when they weighed her and measured her and listened to her heartbeat. She cried even harder when they poked her heel and bled her for the PKU test. The poor nurse felt sooooo bad the whole time.  Luckily when it was all over and she was back in her warm clothes and blankets I was able to calm her down enough to finish filling out the paper work. However, the doctor informed me that I needed to start cleaning out her belly button with rubbing alcohol. Guess who doesn't have rubbing alcohol in the house? So we got to take a quick trip to the grocery store. Juggling a car seat, purse and grocery bags is not easy. I have so much more respect for all the mom's I see in the stores carrying around their kids and getting their errands done. I can tell this is going to take some getting used to.

Back to the two week appointment... The doctor was very pleased with Madelynn's growth. She has gained almost a whole pound and has grown an entire inch. It blows my mind that she has grown that much in just two weeks! 

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Krystal said...

Baby wrap--I'm telling you, it works wonders AND gives you free hands. I use a sleepy wrap with newborns, and an Ergo for when they're bigger. Every baby likes be snuggled, right? :)
Can't believe she's grown that much in two weeks! wow! I love seeing pictures of her, she's darling!