Thursday, November 3, 2011

September and October Recap

The months of September and October felt like they crawled by incredibly slowly at the time, but in hindsight they flew right by. We started off the month of September with what we like to call our "Engagement Anniversary". McKay proposed to me on Memorial day on purpose, so that we could always have a day to celebrate in the years to come. So this Memorial day we celebrated 4 years by going up to Draper to go shopping for a new couch. We ended up finding the perfect one up at furniture row across from Ikea. Since it was memorial day weekend it was on sale, and it happened to perfectly match the rocker recliner we bought for the nursery a few weeks earlier. We planned on having lunch at Sweet Tomatoes in Salt Lake, but by the time we had purchased our couch it was only 10 in the morning and we were not hungry yet. So, we decided to head up to Snowbird and attend Octoberfest. I have never been to Octoberfest before, and we probably wouldn't have gone that day either, except for the fact that McKay's sisters and our niece were up there selling their amazing kettle corn and we wanted to visit them. After a few hours of experiencing octoberfest with our cute niece, we were ready to eat, and finished up our day by having dinner at sweet tomatoes instead of lunch. It was a good day.

On the 17th of September we had our baby shower. Kayli, Rachel and my mom were awesome at getting things put together and I think the shower was a success. There were sooooo many people there and we received a whole bunch of thoughtful gifts. Thank you everyone who was in attendance! It was a special day.

Now I am going to jump to October.

We enjoyed the fall colors by taking multiple canyon drives. We drove both the Alpine loop and the Nebo loop. We also went up Rock Canyon and took advantage of the gorgeous backdrop by taking a few maternity pictures.

On October 21st we celebrated McKay's birthday. My handsome husband is now 28 years old!
 It was kind of a funny day. I had fully expected to either have a baby or be in labor by the time McKay's birthday came around because I had started to dilate about 3 weeks before, so I got everything ready for his birthday weeks in advance. It was the most prepared I have ever been for his birthday! I had all of his presents pre-wrapped and stashed in various places around the apartment. We celebrated his birthday by going to a doctors appointment in the morning where they stripped my membranes to try and get me to go into labor. After that we did what we thought would be some last minute shopping for baby items, and then a really really long walk  to try and jump start my labor. That evening we had McKay's birthday dinner at Kohinoor, a really tasty Indian restaurant here in Orem. Surprisingly enough my entire family showed up and even liked the food (except Jonathan, he didn't like it). We were really worried about them not liking the food, but it ended up not being a problem. Later that evening we had birthday cake and ice cream at our apartment with our good friend Kaimii and some of McKay's family. I got extra fancy with McKay's cake this year. I decorated the entire cake with home made gummies. Anyone who knows McKay knows that gummy candies are his absolute favorite, and that he likes cowboy stuff. So I had fun making him home made gummy cowboy boots and a gun. Happy 28th birthday McKay!

On Sunday the 23rd we carved pumpkins with the Rogers family. We made some fun pumpkins, but never actually ended up putting candles in them...

Halloween was interesting this year. We had 3 Halloween parties to go to. Seeing as how my due date was October 29th I did not plan a costume, then when Friday the 28th rolled around and there were no signs of labor I decided I should find a costume to wear to the various parties the next day. I ended up being a hula girl because it fit, and McKay went with his classic cowboy attire. We went to the young family Halloween party at McKay's moms house on Friday and celebrated with the nieces and nephews. Little kids make Halloween so much more fun. On Saturday we started the evening at a party up in salt lake with McKay's co-workers and then made our way down to Provo to end the night at the Christensen's Halloween party. They were all a whole lot of fun. I was so glad that we got to celebrate Halloween with those parties, because just a few hours after we got home from the Christensen's party, we went into labor...and the results of that will be a whole different post.

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