Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter 2012, Madelynn's First Easter.

Holidays with a child are so much more fun. Even though Madelynn was only 5 months old it gave me a reason to be excited about Easter. We had 1 party  to dye eggs, 2 Easter dinners and 3 Easter egg hunts. On Saturday we got  together with McKay's sister Sasha's family and some friends to dye Easter eggs. Then on Sunday as soon as church was over we had our own small Easter egg hunt just the 3 of us outside our apartment. Our nosy neighbor lady was very concerned that we were putting our Easter eggs in the grass for Madelynn to pick up because she had seen a dog poop over on our side of the lawn a while ago. She saw the owner pick it up, but nevertheless, there had at one point been something yucky on our side of the lawn. We had our egg hunt anyway.  Madelynn is obviously too little to understand what is going on or what she is supposed to do, but she picked up a couple of the eggs. At the Youngs house Madelynn had another Easter egg hunt with her cousins Benjamin and Joshua, and her eggs were filled with yummy swiss chocolates from Grandma Nicci that McKay and I got to eat. After dinner and a few games with the Youngs we wen't up to my parents house in Pleasant Grove and had another Easter egg hunt, this time money was involved because every one else involved in the hunt besides Madelynn is 15 or older. My parents had our friends the Smalleys over to celebrate as well. We ate more food and then played a couple of games as well. It was a very eventful and really fun Easter. Next year it will be very different on our own in Wisconsin, so it was nice to have a big family filled day. Now enjoy a picture overload.

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