Friday, April 27, 2012

On Wisconsin!

Last week we visited Madison Wisconsin. It was the MBA preview weekend at the University of Wisconsin Madison and we were invited to fly out for the festivities. When we first arrived we were both a little overwhelmed and a little freaked out by the idea of uprooting our lives and starting over there in Madison. As the weekend progressed and we talked to people about there experiences and got advice our nerves began to calm. The school put on a wonderful event for the prospective students and they fed us really well. I think McKays favorite part was sitting in on the weekly meeting that the Applied Securities Analysis team has to discuss how where the economy is and how their investments are doing. I think that really got McKay excited about going into their program. For me the best part was meeting up with a bunch of the other Mormon families who are also in the MBA program there. We all got together at the Day's house for dinner and dessert. I felt so welcomed and was able to get so much information from them and it put my mind at ease. Thank you Robin and Bethany! Madelynn was an absolute Gem the whole time and most of the people there fell in love with her, how could they not? She was absolutely adorable. We did a couple of other fun things while we were there. We visited the Capitol briefly and went to a specialty cheese shop where we got to try all kinds of Wisconsin cheese. I found out that I am not a fan of super aged cheddar or goat cheese, but monastery style cheese is pretty amazing. We also got to briefly drive around the outside of Madison and see the "country" that McKay remembered and loved from his mission in Wisconsin. Now we get to savor these last 3 months in Utah and then it is On Wisconsin!

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