Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Box

For the last few weeks McKay and I have been trying to be serious about getting healthy and in shape. This time we are not just talking about it and eating healthy when we feel like and not really exercising like we have done before. We are eating well and actually exercising regularly for the first time in a long time. To help ourselves out we used some money that my dad sent us for Christmas to buy ourselves a stationary exercise bike. Merry Christmas to us in February! Well we are smart and ordered the bike on amazon. It was the best price and it had free shipping. That also meant that we had one super cool box show up on our doorstep with the bike and guess what? Madelynn loves boxes. She adopted one of the boxes that it came in and set up camp in it every day until we threw it away. It was just tall enough that it was a challenge for her to get in and out of. A challenge which she took more than willingly. I had to get rid of the box while she was sleeping because I didn't want to deal with the stream of tears I knew would come if she saw me carry it away. Well now that you know about the box, here are some pictures of it and my sweet baby girl.

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