Wednesday, February 27, 2013

15 months and an Earache

Today was Madelynn's 15 month appointment. It is always so crazy to me to see how little babies grow into little toddlers and then little kids. Madelynn is now 21.5 lbs and 30.5 inches tall. She has shot up 3 inches in the last three months! Our baby is growing up so fast. 

I never like to take Madelynn to the Doctors because it always seems to involve some kind of needle, and at her 12 month appointment she had to have an IV and a blood draw and that did NOT go over well. She was cranky for days after and developed a rash. Luckily Madelynn's doctor is not a doctor, she is an APNP and is so friendly and personable. She amazes me with her ability to remember things about us and she is so sweet with Madelynn. She even remembered what outfit Madelynn was wearing at her appointment 3 months ago! Another awesome thing about her is that she gives the little kids a book to take home everytime they come in. We seriously lucked out with her.

Anyway, Madelynn ended up not having her shots today, which I was really thankful for, but the reason why is not very fun. It turns out that Madelynn has ear infections in both of her ears. I had absolutely no idea! She has been a little cranky and had a runny nose, but most of the signs and symptoms of an ear infection are absent. I feel kind of bad that I was so unaware. I also felt bad to be told that this could have started a month ago when she got really sick or 3 weeks ago when she was seriously teething.She could have been dealing witn this for a whole month with out me knowing it! I am definitely glad it was caught at her appointment. 10 days and a bunch of Amoxicillin from now we should be happy campers...until she actually does get her shots at her follow up appointment.

Here is a picture of Madelynn with her book at the doctors office.

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kStone said...

The baby princess looks like a little adult. Growing up way too fast!