Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My how time flies

I was emptying a camera card that I found hidden in one of Madelynn's toy bins and chuckled inside to see how much things have changed in a year. Granted these photos were not taken exactly one year apart, more like 11 and a half months, but still, soooooo much changes so fast! The first picture was from the very first time eating "solid" food. I remember being slightly discouraged and worrying that Madelynn was never ever going to eat baby food, let alone real food!
 Well here we are almost a year, 16 teeth and a whole lot of improved dexterity later, and not only does she eat solid food, she feeds it to herself! (even though she can't fed herself without making a huge mess) I love/hate seeing how much she is growing and changing. I am loving every minute of watching her grow up and she keeps growing in to a super cute, sweet, funny mischievous little girl, but I sure do miss that little baby. 

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