Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Picture Outtakes

So while we got a number of family pictures that we liked, we also got some super awkward photos. Because our photographer was awkward and quiet and dull Madelynn would not smile. The only thing the photographer tried to do to make her smile was hold a flower in front of her face and then pull it away. Madelynn looked at her, but looked at her like she was a weirdo, not like she was funny or nice or enjoyable or anything that would make you smile. Because of that we got some seriously awkward faces from Madelynn. Our photographer also didn't quite seem to understand that large gaps between people in photos does not look nice and that awkwardly placed chairs and straight legs do not look nice either. I hesitate to share these horrible photos of us, but they are just to amazingly awkward and bad to keep to myself. Enjoy our reject photos.
We call this one the creeper with an awkward chair in the way

Creeper the second

This one is called baby does not want to look at the boring  photographer and is done with this whole picture thing.

This one has a big gap and a baby face that looks like she smelled something stinky and she is bored.

This is one of the most awkwardly posed photos ever.... We could feel how awkward it would look  while sitting there. Big gap between us? Check. Awkwardly straight legs? Check. Baby who is staring down the photographer? Check. Super awkward triple hand hold? Check and check.

Oh the faces. None of us were ready for this shot.

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