Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

So we have been talking about having family pictures taken for over a year. We are slackers. The last time we had family pictures taken Madelynn was like 2 months old, now she is 20 months old. So I really wanted some cute family pictures but since I moved away from my go to photographers I didn't know what to do. I looked around on the interned to find someone affordable, but the cheapest I found was $150 and that did not include any prints or the images on a disc either. So.....we went to a studio called Portrait Innovations. I become a rage monster when thinking about family pictures. I want our pictures to turn out a certain way and I want our outfits to be perfect and my hair and makeup to be perfect and not have any zits at the time and I want to be 20 lbs lighter. What I really want is for the photographer to make my face and hair look flawless and my body to look skinny. When I realize the camera doesn't do that and that only Photoshop does I get slightly depressed and then decide not to take pictures. So this time when we decided we were for sure going to do it, I booked the appointment so there was no turning back. Then I became a crazy person trying to plan coordinating outfits for the photos. I was basing my color theme off of one of Madelynn's beautiful dresses that we absolutely love. I was going to pull the colors peach and cream out of the dress. I had mine and Madelynn's outfits down, but couldn't find a shirt for McKay that coordinated. So I being the family picture rage monster that I am, made McKay go to multiple stores with my trying to find a shirt that would match that would fit in our budget of about zero dollars. We are in grad school and don't really have money to buy a cream or peach shirt just because I want one for a 30 minute photo session, so I got cranky, we stopped shopping and went home and I sulked on the couch for a little bit. Then I was looking at pictures that we already have up on the wall and saw one that we were all wearing our Wisconsin garb and decided that would be perfect. We also put on come tan and white for good measure. These are not my favorite pictures of us in the whole entire world since our photographer was really timid and boring and could not make Madelynn smile to save her life, and the camera did not magically make me look flawless and skinny, but they caught enough photos that I like to make it worth our while. Here are the ones that we like.

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