Wednesday, January 28, 2009

About Us

So, It seems to me like the first blog tends to be the one where people tell you all about themselves, or tell you a thing or two about themselves. Since i skipped that before I guess i should introduce myself (and my husband since this is technically his blog too). My name is Lindsay Young. My super cute Husband's name is McKay Abner Young (don't leave out the Abner, he LOVES it!). We are both seniors at BYU right now, thank heavens! We are both ready for school to be over with. Well i guess it's not so much school that we are sick of as much as it is HOMEWORK! Anyway, enough of that, I don't want to make myself too sad right now, so back to our introduction... I am from a pleasant little town called pleasant grove, and my husband is from the neighboring town of Orem. While McKay has lived in the same house in Orem his entire life, i have bounced around a little bit. I was born in New Jersey, Moved to Colorado and then Utah and have now lived in 6 different cities in utah (I guess my parents were a lot more antsy than McKays).
We were both adorable little children (so there is hope for our future offspring!) and are both our parents favorite children (at least we think so, and those who know us and our families will have to agree) I love animals, I grew up with 4 cats, some birds, fish and hamsters. McKay trys to say that he does not like animals and that he does not want pets, but we will see about that. After living about 10 minutes away from eachother for about 5 1/2 years we had a chance meeting at a church singles ward barbeque the first week of summer. After I bumped into him while getting a hamburger and then apologizing, Mckay (being the cheesy guy he is ) said something along the lines of, "It's okay, I don't mind being closer to you". Seeing as how this was our first meeting i had a good laugh on my way to sit down to eat, and low and behold he sat down across from me. After a little bit of confusion and some awkward but amazing first few dates (no one should have to say what? i can't hear you! as many times as i had to) we fell in love and the rest was history! We got engaged on labor day in 2007 and got married on December 29, 2007. Now over a year later we are going strong, loving life and eachother in our little cave of an apartment in Provo.

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Kayli said...

Little cave, haha! It's so true.

McKay sounds like my brother...Daniel loves animals, but hates pets. I'm sure you'll tell McKay who's boss though, won't you?