Sunday, August 5, 2012

A day at the Zoo

In July, we went to the zoo with my entire family. It was kind of amazing that we got everyone to come, because usually, we can only get that to happen when it is someone's birthday and this was a whole week before my brothers birthday. This trip was Madelynn's second time at the zoo, but the difference between the last time she went in May and now was amazing. She was so much more interactive. She loves animals. If she ever see's a cat or a dog she starts a round of super excited arm flapping, and in some rare occasions, she lets out some excited squeals as well. The last time we were at the zoo she didn't really care. She didn't know what she was looking at and was just kind of along for the ride. This time at the zoo we got quite a few  excited arm flaps and some seriously intense animal staring. It was fun to watch her little face as she was processing so many new things. She is one smart little girl and I look forward to the next time we get to take her back to a zoo. Maybe she will be making animal noises by then. That would be fun.

It was also nice being with all of my siblings and reminiscing about childhood memories that we had at the Hogle Zoo. We lived in Sandy when I was a little girl and my mom would take us up there all the time. It was kind of fun and sad remembering all the good times we had there. Fun because they were awesome memories, but sad because a lot of the animals and exhibits and places we remembered are either gone or replaced. That zoo is changing quite a bit. Thank you family, for adding another fun Hogle Zoo memory.

And now for the pictures, the never ending pictures.

family... i already miss you. you are a crazy but amazing set of people. i love you all so much. thanks for being mine.

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Heather R. said...

That was a fun day . My memories of Hogle Zoo trips start In the early 70s going with my family and nana and grandad Mitchell. I remember Shasta the Liger and drinking from the lion fountain