Friday, August 3, 2012

Packing Up

The last week at our house has been chaos. We have never done a move like this before. Whenever we have moved in the past we have been able to reuse the same 10 boxes and take a couple of trips across town (except with china, but that was a whole different ball game). This is the first time that we have had to pack up every single possession that we have at the same time. Thanks to our awesome family and friends (Mom, Melissa and Kaimii especially) we were able to come up with enough boxes to hold all of our crap. I decided that I really do hate packing and don't look forward to doing it again in two years.

We get our moving truck tomorrow morning and it will be a mad dash to fill it up with all of these boxes, but until then, our apartment is a little bit claustrophobic. Our walls are lined with boxes and I am constantly worried that Madelynn is going to try to pull herself up on some box and cause an entire pile to fall down on top of her, which would result in some serious ouchies for her. Here are a few pictures of all of our crazy boxes. This really makes me think we need to simplify our lives. Maybe we don't need to have hobbies, or clothes or books. And maybe I don't need to cook anymore. That would clear out a lot of our stuff.


H2OSki_Cutie said...

Call me if you come through Omaha, Nebraska! - Melissa (Nielsen) Wilson (801-372-9096)

H2OSki_Cutie said...

P.S. You can even stay with us!