Thursday, August 2, 2012

A July Full of Cousins

During the month of July we spent a ton of time with the Young family. Two of McKays sisters came to visit from out of state and brought spouses and their 13 kids with them. Add them to the other two sisters that he already has living in Orem and their 2 kids, plus his parents and us, you have one crazy full house. His sister Marissa stayed for about 3 weeks and his sister Sasha stayed for just a few days more. So we had 3 weeks filled with food, fun and cousins. At first Madelynn did NOT like being around all the cousins. There was too much noise and too many people who wanted to pick her up and play with her. You would think having over 20 people fawn over you and want to hold and hug and play with you would be a good thing, but no. She spent the majority of her first few days with cousins very nervous and crying. She eventually developed a defensive "put me down!" squeal, but by the end of the 3 weeks she gave into being picked up by tons of random people with apathetic silence. Maybe someday she will actually like to be played with by people who are not her mother and father. Maybe.

While all the Young cousins were in town we celebrated a bunch of birthdays, saw a lot of fireworks, had lots of family dinners, went to the movies and seven peaks a number of times and we had a Lobsterfest. The girls also all had at home manicures complete with my niece Julia giving us a foot bath and massage. So funny! We also went to Kennecott copper mine, an extended family wedding, and played with Jet Ski's on Utah lake, and then subsequently fell victim to the mosquitoes who live on Utah lake. I still have the remains of  the welts those stupid mosquitoes left 2 weeks later. We made a lot of fun memories while they were here, however, I think Madelynn's favorite part was playing with her twin cousins, Collin and Mark, who are only 4 months older than her. They were so cute together, and she put up with a lot from them. They would constantly steal her hairbows, toys, sippy cups and pacifiers. They would climb on top of her, pull her clothes and poke her in the face, and she seemed to love every minute of it. It is crazy to think that the next time this type of family gathering happens, we will be the ones visiting from out of town. Weird. Thank you Young family for a fun month.

Here are a bunch of super cute pictures of all of our July activities. Enjoy!

 Twins holding Twins!

I married into one awesome family. I love you guys! We will miss you all in Wisconsin!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, those are some super cute photos! We miss you too! I am feeling very excited that you'll be moving closer to us and we're keeping our fingers crossed that Boston wins out over New York in December :)