Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas time in Wisconsin

This post is just a little late (exactly one month) but Christmas this year was wonderful. This was our second Christmas on our own, but our first one in China doesn't really feel like it counts. So this was our first Christmas alone with our little family. We have talked about what we want Christmas to be like for our family and how we want to mesh the two families traditions and what we want to do that is all our own, and It was nice to have an opportunity to try it out. Things did not quite go as planned because Madelynn's 13 month old self had a much shorter attention span than our ideal plans required. Trying to read the Nativity story was really funny because Madelynn did NOT want to sit and listen to it.  But it was still nice to give it a try and have a calm and peaceful family Christmas. Luckily McKay brought out his guitar and played a little bit for us. That always captures Madelynn's attention.
We went a little bit overboard with the Christmas presents for Madelynn. We had a lot of fun buying hot wheels cars for 2 months before hand. Every time we went to the store leading up to Christmas we (McKay) would search the toy cars and since they are less than a dollar we would pick up a couple. When Christmas day came and we unwrapped them all and counted we ended up with 77 toy cars... I know, Its crazy. But Madelynn has an amazing collection of toy cars. She also got some barbies, a play kitchen with food and dishes to go along with it and a big girl car seat which she is loving! She also got a really cool rocking horse that makes noise and moves its head and tail. It terrified her initially, but now that she has figured out how to press the buttons to make it move and make noise it is one of her favorite toys.

After we opened presents on Christmas day we went over to our friends the Songsters house and had Christmas brunch. It was a lot of fun. It was kind of nice to have a break in the day to socialize a little bit. Madelynn also had fun with their kids. She likes to follow the big girls around and pretend like she is a big girl too. She also always enjoys their cute little boy who is the same age.  Thanks for having us over Stephanie!

Here in Wisconsin we had tons of snow over Christmas break. We had a little over 2 feet when Christmas rolled around so we also spent a little bit of time out in the snow. Not too long since that short 13 month old attention span kicked in along with being a little wet and cold. It was such a nice and relaxed Christmas. I had all of the fixings for an awesome Christmas dinner which we didn't feel like making on Christmas day because we just wanted to chill, so we had a wonderful Christmas feast on the 26th. I look forward to all our future Christmases with our little family.

Now here are some more happy pictures of our Christmas Happenings

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