Monday, January 28, 2013

Playing in mommy's closet

Madelynn likes to get into mischief. I think all little kids do to some degree. Well since we decided to get down to business with the baby proofing of our house and put baby locks on basically every cabinet in our house she has been frustrated. Her very favorite thing to do everyday was empty out our cabinets. All of the kitchen cabinets, under the bathroom sink, our game cabinet, you name it, she would pull everything out. Now that they are all locked up with those awesome magnetic baby locks she has had to find some other mischief to get into. 
 Today that mischief was playing in mommy and daddy's closet. Even though it is Mckay's closet too she pretty much leaves his stuff alone. I guess his shoes aren't as pretty and his ties are not as cool as my scarves, but for whatever other reason she only goes after my things. I caught her pulling all of my shoes off the shelves and she tried pulling the scarves down but then decided that since mommy was there now, peekaboo would be a much better activity. I love this cute silly little girl. She makes life chaotic and so much fun.

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