Thursday, June 14, 2012

Feeding the Baby Princess

If you  know our family at all, you know that in our home Madelynn goes by many names. The most common thing to hear her called in our home is Baby Princess. Well, baby princess was started on solid foods over a month and a half ago. She has not liked said solid foods. We have tried all kinds of different foods like the standard rice cereal, barley cereal, carrots, peas, squash, sweet potato's, green beans, apples, and banana's. All of which she turned her nose up at. She would either take a few bites and then start grunting and growling at us, or start crying. Or she would just clench her teeth and not let the spoon even get close to entering her mouth until we discovered pears. Madelynn doesn't love pears, but she will eat 5-10 bites without getting fussy. She also likes barley teething biscuits but she doesn't really eat them, she scrapes them with her teeth and then plays with them like a toy. I considered them a victory until today.

I think we have finally turned a corner on feeding our baby princess. I don't know what changed and i really don't think I care, all I know is Madelynn happily and willingly ate her entire bowl of peas and her entire bowl of pears! She ate more in her feeding today than the last 2 weeks combined! I am so proud of her! I just hope that this behavior continues and that we can finally make the gradual journey to her eating like a regular person some day. I never knew all the silly things that I would care about and that would make me happy before I became a mother. If you had told me a year ago that I would be clapping and cheering and absolutely genuinely happy and thrilled because my baby ate about 2 tablespoons worth of food I might have thought you were a little bit silly, but now I am the silly ecstatic mother of a baby who will finally eat something other than milk! YAY!
Notice the two amazingly empty bowls!

Now enjoy a montage of pictures of us feeding our Baby Princess.

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