Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We dropped the Crib....Twice!

Little Miss Madelynn is keeping us on our toes. About two weeks ago Madelynn started to pull herself up on everything she could find, but she stayed on her knees. Whenever I came to get her out of her crib I would see her cute little face, and her upper body, above the crib railing. We quickly decided that was a little unsafe and dropped her crib mattress down a level. little did we know just over a week later we would have to do it again because she is now standing fully erect on her cute little legs. She is only six months old for Pete's sake! I didn't think we would have to lower her crib all the way until she was closer to one. Well now I know better. it is nice to know that she is safe and won't be falling out of her crib anytime soon, but I dislike having to bend over so far to get her in an out. here are a few pictures that i tortured Madelynn to get. it did not make her happy to see me walk into the room and then walk back out again to get my camera before rescuing her from her crib. Here are some cute pictures of said baby pulling herself up in said crib.

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