Thursday, June 7, 2012

Madelynn loves the tub!

Warning! This post contains naked baby pictures... I think they are adorable, but you have been warned!

When we first brought Madelynn home she HATED taking baths with a fiery burning passion. About a  month ago she started flipping over to her tummy in the bath tub and ever since then they are her favorite thing in the entire world! She will play in the tub for over half an hour if I let her (which rarely happens because I have to watch her every single second of her bath and I get tired of stopping the baby from drinking the bathwater, which by the way, she LOVES to do). She loves the water and is not afraid of getting on her face. She frequently splashes herself in the face and will dunk her entire head in the water on purpose! I just thought I should write a post that pays homage to Madelynn's very favorite activity. So here are some pictures and a video clip of Madelynn and her beloved bath.

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Audrey said...

yay! for rubber ducky families!