Thursday, November 13, 2014

4th of July 2014

Being back in Utah for the fourth of July ended up being a really good thing. last year we had a big party at our house, but this year there was a lot to do and I didn't have to plan any of it! Also, in Madison Fireworks of any kind are illegal. you even had to show ID to buy sparklers and those party poppers that shoot out streamers, but in Utah anything goes! So we were able to see lots and lots of fireworks. We were worried that Madelynn would be afraid of the fireworks, but once she got used to the fact that they were going to be loud, she loved them.

Early in the morning we headed down to the Provo Freedom Festival and watched the hot air balloon games. the girls enjoyed all the big colorful balloons and playing with their family. My sister Stephanie also used this as he occasion to introduce the family to her boyfriend, so we got to meet him there as well.

 Then we went out for breakfast and played at Nana Heather's house for the rest of the morning. Then McKay took Madelynn on a special ride in Nana's convertible. However, she was really tired and fell asleep after about 15 minutes, so it ended up being a shorter ride than initially planned.

After nap time we went down to the Youngs house to have a BBQ and play in the kiddie pools in Grandma Nicci's backyard with cousins. Then we lit off fireworks in front of their house and Lindsay's parents drove down to enjoy them with us. The kids really enjoyed throwing poppers and watching the fireworks, and the older boys were really bummed that they weren't allowed to light any of the fireworks.

The next day Aunt Melissa brought by some special sparklers that she bought to do with Madelynn because she was in California for the 4th. Madelynn thought they were really fun and kept asking for another and another and another. It was a good 4th of July.

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