Tuesday, November 11, 2014

McKay's Graduation

On May 17th McKay graduated with his Masters in Business Administration from UW Madison. It has been a long road but a good one and we were very excited to celebrate his graduation. He worked really hard and got full ride scholarships and internships and T.A. positions and was really busy for 2 years. However, he managed to do a pretty decent job of managing to balance his home life with school and spend time with his little family in the midst of earning his degree and working, and for that I will be forever grateful. Also, the hard work paid off and McKay got a good job offer 6 months before he graduated, so we had that peace of mind as he was finishing up his MBA.

On graduation day McKay's parents came out from Utah to support him and his sister Cecily's family drove up from Illinois to celebrate with us as well. The school had a brunch buffet before the convocation, so we got to watch McKay get his diploma with plates full of yummy breakfast food. The ceremony went pretty fast, so after it was over we took some pictures and then decided to continue the celebration by going to the zoo!

Congratulations "Master" McKay! You are a smart, hard working, amazing man and we couldn't be more proud of you if we tried!

  McKay and His Friend Adam
 The kids were really excited to meet Bucky the Badger

 The whole family

 Master Young
Cousins enjoying the Henry Villas Zoo

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