Thursday, November 13, 2014

Life in the Parents Basement

Spending the summer in Lindsays parents basement was quite the experience. It was close quarters for us and limited play space for the girls. Madelynn loved to play up in nana's play room and go have tea parties with Nana and aunt Jessica. She also liked to chase the cats and try to play with the dog. One of the cats made sure to stay far away from her at all times, but stripes would let Madelynn play with her and pet her until she got annoyed and then would bite her. Fun stuff. It was actually rather difficult because Madelynn is definitely her moms daughter, and just like her mom is allergic to animals. We had to work really hard to keep the rashes and breathing difficulties at bay while we lived there. We ended up putting up a baby gate to keep the animals out of the basement. After the animals had been out of the basement for a few weeks and we vacuumed a number of times Lindsay and Madelynn started being able to breath again, which was really nice.

 Here is a picture of Madelynn's worst allergic reaction. My siblings thought we were being mean by trying to keep her away from the animals and washing her off immediately after touching the animals, but it was for her own protection. Just look at that reaction!

Lindsay's little brother Jonathan graduated with his bachelors the week before McKay graduated, and he moved back to the Rogers house for the summer as well. So the girls got to spend more time with their uncle then they ever had before because when we would come back to utah to visit, Jonathan would be away at school. Jonathan has a soft spot for Madelynn and told me that playing with her all day would be the greatest job ever. He also said it would be the easiest job ever, which I think is definitely debatable....Because we were there and Jonathan was there Lindsay's sisters came around quite a bit, so it was a full house again all summer. Because of the animal issues and tight quarters we did try to get out of the house a lot, but we did have some fun times hanging out in Nana's basement. Now that we are in our own house again, Madelynn misses having her grandparents and aunts and uncle around to play with all the time. She is rather bored with just mommy and Olivia and has said that she wants to go home to Nana and Grandpa's house multiple times. Thank you for letting us stay with you mom and dad! Here are a bunch of pictures from our stay at the Rogers house.

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