Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Playing with the Davis Cousins

This summer McKay's sister who lived only 3 hours away from us in Wisconsin spent half of the summer in Utah. Her husband went to Spain for about two months, so she came and stayed at McKay's parents house. We were both in our parents basements for the summer, so we got together to play multiple times.

We went to a parade and to multiple museums, had a picnic up the canyon and went to play at a pond. We also spent lots of time playing at Grandma Nicci's house. Madelynn loved being able to run free in the backyard with her cousins. Madelynn had quite the love hate relationship with her cousin Nigel who is about 6 months younger than her. They were the best of pals one minute and then were fighting and pushing each other the next. She was just in awe of her older cousins and could follow them around like a little puppy dog all day. We will miss you Cecily! It was nice to have you near by in Wisconsin and it was nice to pal around this summer!

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